Our work

Our mission

The Theory of Evolution is an incredibly powerful framework for understanding the biological world and for developing better ways to address major challenges in nature conservation and human health. Unfortunately it is still underutilised in the UK.

Our mission is to advance the public understanding and appreciation of the Theory of Evolution and its application towards solving complex problems in the life sciences.

We are a grant-giving organisation and registered charity in England and Wales No. 1137520.

Our focus areas

We currently support impactful projects in life-sciences education and research, nature conservation, human health and therapeutics.

How we work

We provide seed grants, support and credibility to UK-based organisations, project teams and early-career researchers. Our support is channelled towards building proof-of-concept data and organisational capacity to help our grantees unlock future funding, often by enabling them to sustainably access new sources of income.

We build long-term strategic relationships with our major multi-year gift recipients. These organisations, project teams and key individuals become part of the EET Partner Network, a network of experts with significant academic and in-field knowledge and influence in their respective sectors.

Our impact to date

  • Total funds allocated since 2010


  • Number of funded projects


  • Unlocked income* for grantees


*Unlocked income is calculated as a sum of project funding that a grantee matches or builds upon an EET grant plus an attribution of new grantee income made possible by completion of the funded project.