David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet


In Autumn 2020, WWF and Silverback Films released David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet. In this unique documentary, the celebrated naturalist reflects on the devastating global nature loss he has witnessed in his lifetime, addressing some of the biggest challenges facing life on our planet and the actions we can all take.

Sir David’s powerful message came at a critical time when nature was sounding its alarm for united action – providing a pivotal moment for WWF to drive awareness and support for our natural world.

The documentary was only made possible thanks to the support of a small cohort of visionary donors, including the EET, who believed in the potential of this film to fuel change.

Hope for the future

The film is Sir David’s first-hand account of how he’s experienced humanity’s impact on the natural world. In it, he shares a message of hope for the future and solutions that will help us urgently heal our broken relationship with nature.

On its release in Autumn 2020, the film brought home Sir David’s urgent and powerful message to tens of millions of households.

“Thanks to the huge generosity of film donors such as the EET, the documentary David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet was a lightning rod for change.”

Lucy Sargent, Director of Philanthropy & Events, WWF

Empowering young people to take action

The film inspired many to hold digital screenings and kickstart conversations in their communities.

WWF delivered over 100 live lessons for primary and secondary schools exploring the themes in the film. A library of resources was also made available for primary and KS3 and it has been accessed by tens of thousands of UK teachers.

WWF also invited 500 passionate and influential young people from around the world to reflect on the film’s messages at a virtual Changemakers’ Convention. The event included skills training workshops, panel discussions and online networking events – providing opportunities for young people to share ideas around how to shape the future of our planet.

WWF is now adapting the Changemaker model as a way to empower more young people to take action.

A lift in environmental philanthropy

Thanks to EET’s support of the film, David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet has been hugely successful and influential – it has almost certainly had the biggest reach of any WWF project in recent years.

47% of the public are more positive about WWF when they know the charity’s association with the film.

The film also encouraged a lift in philanthropy fundraising and brought in new supporters for WWF.​ For the first time WWF secured four six-figure donations and one seven-figure donation.

The project also provided a platform for discussion events with advocacy audiences, including the Conservative Party Conference, the Environmental Lawyers Association​ and the Environmental Funders Network.

Impact at a glance

  • The widest ever cinema release for a UK documentary. 110 million views of film content on social channels. Winner of three Emmy Awards
  • Over 100 live lessons for primary and secondary schools exploring the themes in the film and reaching over 4,500 students
  • Global school quiz around the film’s key messages engaged over 15,000 learners from 52 countries