Notes from the field: EET scholar Joycelyn Longdon on conservation research


We love it when our scholars share what they’ve been up to.

There is a gap between what the public thinks researchers and scientists do and the reality on the ground.

By sharing personal notes from the lab and the field, we want to give our scholars a platform to communicate and develop their own style. We also hope to inspire future generations to build a career in science and innovation.

First-year doctoral student Joycelyn Longdon has returned from her first field trip to Ghana and she is blogging about her experience here. Joycelyn investigates the role of technology, bioacoustics and machine learning in tropical forest conservation.

We support Joycelyn’s work as part of the Knowledge-Exchange Studentship Programme established in 2019 by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative. The aim of the programme is to produce insights that advance both impactful conservation research and effective applied conservation.