Improving evolution education in the UK


An understanding of the theory of evolution is fundamental to reasoning about life and the natural world. It underpins not just scientific advancement and nature-based solutions, but also public appreciation of the delicacy, intricacy and complexity of life on the planet we call home.

In 2021 we commissioned a study into evolution-related education services and resources within the UK.

The study brought forward some intriguing and actionable observations, but a common thread was that we lack robust data on the effectiveness of the wide range of evolution-based educational interventions that are possible in both formal and informal settings. This data on intervention effectiveness significantly lags state-of-the-art knowledge when compared to educational programmes in coding, mathematics and English literacy.

In response, we launched a new Evolution Education Challenge Fund in June 2022 for the organisations in the EET Partner Network and their partners.

Through this fund, we hope to:

  • explore the effectiveness of a range of life-science and natural-history educational interventions
  • develop and share evaluation techniques to help gather and analyse impact data in a cost-effective way
  • draft a prioritisation roadmap for improving evolution-based education in the UK

We are excited to be partnering with the British Science Association to seed the development of an evidence-based community of practice and take an important step towards establishing the EET Partner Network as the thought leader in evolution and evolution-related education in the UK.

Successful projects will be announced in February 2023.